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ICON Product Range

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Conveyor Belting MULTI-PLY Textile belt made using PN / EP synthetic woven fabric, skim interplies and rubber interfaces; the thickness of which varies according to the type of application. Low-elongation polyester warp fibres reduce the belt tension, with more elastic polyamide weft fibres giving good trough-ability. Used for conveying all types of materials under average to severe conditions. Multi-Ply
STEEL-CORD Widely used for applications which involve high belt breaking strength, heavy load transportation at high speeds, with long centre distances or steep gradients; offering low elongation properties and long service life. Belt and cord construction varies depending on the nature of the application. Transverse reinforcements can be included in the belt construction to endure the most extreme conditions. Steel-Cord
PVC / PVG SOLID WOVEN Fabric reinforced, PVC impregnated and PVC / PVG covered, fire retardant and antistatic belting that is used primarily for industrial and mining applications. The PVC impregnated and PVC / PVG covered solid woven fabric provides armoured protection for long service life, improved tear strength and reduces the ingress of moisture, oils and chemicals. PVC / PVG Solid Woven
RIP-RESISTANT A specialty fabric conveyor belt that combines a normal textile belt with the added carcass protection of pitched high strength steel wires placed perpendicular to the direction of travel, above the tensile member. Designed to distribute repeated shock energy and provide anti-tear properties. Particularly suited for heavy applications. Ripstop
PROFILE AND CHEVRON Chevron belts with various cleat patterns, widths and heights are an excellent choice for high capacity conveying at steep angles, and prevent load slip or product roll back. The Multi-V Pattern with overlapping cleat design allows smooth belt travel over return idlers and increased conveyor capacity. The Rough Top profile is ideal for fragile material and lightweight packed goods. Profile and Chevron
FEEDER Specialty feeder belts used primarily for coal burning applications, power stations and cogeneration plants. Manufactured to meet specific conveyor requirements to reduce spillage and tracking problems. Types include Flat, Flanged, V-guided and Cleated. Feeder
SIDEWALL Offering textile or steel cord construction base belts that are cross stabilized using either polyester monofilaments or steel rods, varying in construction depending on application requirements. Ideal for vertical incline conveying, the fabric reinforced flexible sidewalls and cross cleats are hot vulcanized onto a cross stabilized base belt, providing pocket protection for the product being conveyed. Sidewall

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Elevator Products BUCKETS For industrial and agricultural applications, our heavy duty elevator buckets range are designed and engineered to increase bucket life and reduce breakage; resulting in reduced down time and lower maintenance costs. Available in Metallic Steel or Plastic HDPE, Nylon and Urethane, with food hygiene standards. Buckets
BOLTS Suitable for elevating heavy bulk material with high gravitational weights and elevators with high velocity; Carbon Steel, Galvanized or Stainless Steel. Bolts, Nuts, Washers & ClampsBolts, Nuts, Washers & Clamps



Hex, Nyloc and Square Nuts supplied with Flat, Domed or Spring washers to match bucket size and style.
CLAMPS Precision casting, with good dimensional uniformity and higher clamp strength. Zinc plated Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel.
ELEVATOR BELTS Available in either PVC Solid Woven or Plied Rubber. Single ply interwoven PVC elevator belts are oil and fat resistant, plus anti-static. Providing low stretch and excellent fastener retention, they are also usable for the food processing industry. The Plied Rubber belts are available in a range of strengths and cover compounds to meet specific application requirements. Elevator Belts

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Mechanical Fasteners PLATEGRIP For use with high tensile Plied Rubber and PVC Solid Woven belting. Designed with broader, heavier teeth for a stronger joint and reduced strain behind the splice. Plategrip
STAPLEGRIP For use with modern lightweight, high strength belting. Designed to operate smoothly over a slider bed or trough conveyor applications. Staplegrip
RIV-NAIL Improves the installation of hinged rivet fasteners on newer, synthetic high strength belt fabrics. Riv-Nail
STEELGRIP Combining toughness with ease of installation. Providing a strong, smooth splice on all types of transmission and lightweight conveyor belts. Steelgrip

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Other Products IDLERS & FRAMES Heavy duty construction steel rollers / idlers with multi-labyrinth sealing to protect the bearings. Ideal for high capacity conveying and giving a longer service life, reducing belt ware and maintenance costs. Idlers & Frames
RUBBER SHEETING Industrial sheet rubber and skirting, available in a range of compounds, colours, thickness and shore hardness. Produced with or without fabric reinforcement. Rubber Sheeting

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